We believe above all else, in taking ACTION.  Of course action requires thoughtfulness, awareness, and dedication, but it is when we choose to ACT that we are able to change things.

One Common Unity, Fly By Light’s parent organization, runs programming in Washington DC that is built directly on the principles you saw in the film.  Please check out what your fiscal sponsorship can do for our youth:


$10 — covers one youth’s travel cost for our Fly By Light after-school program

$25 — provides healthy snacks for one after-school workshop session

$50 — one workshop stipend for an arts & peace education facilitator

$100 — supports transportation, food, & workshops for one youth to visit a national park

$227 — covers one youth for half of our Fly By Light annual retreat

$455 — covers one youth for the entire Fly By Light annual retreat

$1,343 — pays the cost for one student to participate in our year-long after-school program

$6,715 — pays the cost for five students to participate in our year-long after-school program

$33,666 — pays the entire cost to run a Fly By Light program site

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$150-$1,000 Pay it forward – co-sponsor or co-fund a screening
(this number changes based on venue and initiative, please contact us directly for more information)