MVI_6357As you watched the film, did you wonder to yourself at any point “I wish I could attend that retreat?”  Well now, you can, from your laptop!  Hawah, the co-founder of One Common Unity and Minista Jazz (MJ), both long-time peace educators, were, as you saw in the film, the primary facilitators for the youth who attended the retreat.  They have teamed up to produce a virtual retreat that you can enjoy from your laptop.

 The retreat will contain similar themes and content as that featured in the film, and will be accompanied by supporting videos featuring Hawah and MJ.  We are making two versions available; one for students, and one for adults- there content and type of support will differ to meet the emotional and cognitive needs of these two groups.  The retreat will be available in September and we are excited for you to join.

Lastly, we believe that access to the tools to well-being should never be limited by the resources you do or don’t have, and while we have standard prices for each retreat, we will make sure you can get access to this retreat regardless of your financial status.

If you are interested in attending, please email us at and we will get back to you soon!