In 2011, Hawah, a co-founder of One Common Unity, and the talented filmmaker Ellie Walton, decided to document the journey of four youth who were participating in OCU’s pilot ‘Fly By Light’ retreat.

Ellie, Hawah, a group of facilitators and educators, and a group of inner-city DC youth, packed into a bus and headed into the mountains of West Virginia for 8 days. The film took a 5 years to complete, and it was well worth it; since it’s completion, Fly By Light has been screened nationwide, been in over a dozen festivals, and won numerous awards.  

The impact of the film on audiences around the country made its creators realize it could serve as a catalyst for long-term sustainable change, and that it could bring awareness and action to communities across the country.  OCU has currently teamed with The Video Project, and together they are working to build a national movement around these 83 powerful minutes.