The Fly By Light Program

The Fly By Light retreat shown in the film was not the end of these endeavors; in fact, it was quite the opposite.

The inspiring impact of the initial retreat and the widespread success of the film helped give rise to its own program.

The Fly By Light Youth Ambassador Program is an innovative youth program that emphasizes leadership, compassionate communication, effective conflict resolution, and self-love as pathways to personal growth, health and wellness.

Youth are engaged in activities that strengthen skills that equip them with the abilities to bring their “light” to their own communities,  building peaceable environments that promote overall wellness.

Music therapy and artistic expression are at the core of instruction.​

The Fly By Light Program helps youth:

  • Build an appreciation and love for nature

  • Grow their ability and desire to handle conflicts peacefully

  • Gain an understanding of music and art as tools for self-expression and cultural change

  • Hone their ability to critically engage with their environment and people of different racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural perspectives

  • Feel an increased feeling of self-confidence, value, worth, and empowerment

  • Develop a personal set of life goals

  • Establish positive relationships with peers, artists, educators, counselors and community members that  last a lifetime